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The Best Card Trick in the World – TUTORIAL 271

 The Best Card Trick in the World is really the best card trick. Creates a Mind Blowing effect, really magical card trick. This Card Trick can fool anybody. This Card Trick is also known as ,,Chicago Opener”. Let your friends think you are a real wizard . The Best Card Trick in the World Revealed by Tricklandia.



8 thoughts on “The Best Card Trick in the World – TUTORIAL

  1. At present I am sixty five. Back when I first started to learn magic I was fifteen. Which means I learned magic from an older crowd. Along with card magic this older made sure I learned to respect the craft and the people who performed it. I mean you no disrespect when I say I do not do tricks. I perform magic. When someone asks me if I can do a card trick, I say no, but iI have been known to perform magic on ocasion. You might think who cares. Well, I care. And most of the magicians who were kind enough to share some of their secrets cared. Maybe you may become someone who cares. Then again maybe not. For me, I have always enjoyed creating an air of mystery when performing magic. I hope someday you will learn to see the difference between doing a trick and performing an illusion. If not, I will still respect the man who shares his knowledge of magic with those of us who want to learn. Although, quite a few magicians shared an illusion or two with me. I would have loved having having someone like you around who was willing to teach me most everything. Most of the magicians I knew and learned from depended on Magic for a living. In which case, I had to prove I was a magician too and was willing to share some of my secrets.

    I wish you the best of luck in all that you do. And thanks for sharing your magic.


  2. Love the trick really nice I myself do magic but I’m still just a beginner still studying the basics anyway really really love your trick thanks!!!

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